Interested in placing an order? Below are common arrangements that will make placing an order easier. Please reference these arrangements when contacting us for an order.


Balloon Bouquets are a simple and beautiful addition to a event, a great gift, a wonderful decoration and all around fun to have included in your day.  We do bouquets for a variety of reasons and in a multitude of colours and arrangements. A few of our common combinations are included below, but feel free to request something different if you don't see it listed.

Mini Bouquet - 3 Latex balloons with weight

Bouquet #1 - 5 Latex balloons with weight

Bouquet #2 - 7 Latex balloons with weight

Bouquet #3 - 9 Latex balloons with weight

Bouquet #4 - 11 Latex balloons with weight

Bouquet #5 - 4 Latex balloons + 18" Mylar Foil with weight

Bouquet #6 - 6 Latex balloons + 18" Mylar Foil with weight

Bouquet #7 - 8 Latex balloons + 18" Mylar Foil with weight

Bouquet #8 - 4 Latex balloons + XL Mylar Foil or 3ft Latex with weight

Bouquet #9 - 6 Latex balloons + XL Mylar Foil or 3ft Latex with weight


Balloon Arches are a wonderful statement piece for your event or occasion. String of pearls arches can be used alone, or in combination with columns.


Approximate Size:

Small - 4ft wide x 4ft high

Medium - 6ft wide x 6ft high

Large - 8ft wide x 8ft high

XLarge - 10ft wide x 10ft high

XXLarge - 12ft wide x 12ft high


Balloon Garland is a great addition to any event or occasion. Starting at $15 per foot, these are done in 4' or 6' pieces that can be combined and attached in your space to suit your needs. Choose whether to include small, medium, large and extra large balloons to make your garland unique.

Some Common arrangements:

4 foot Garland - $60

6 foot Garland - $90

4 foot Garland (add XL 3ft) - $80

6 foot Garland (add XL 3ft) - $110

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